Livestreaming Saturday, 7:30pm AEST

This is a free live streaming event, however you can support Victoria's creative industries by buying a virtual ticket here:

This Week

Delivered Live is livestreaming one again this Saturday for our Season 2 Final! Featuring platinum selling band, The Rubens, festival fave, Owl Eyes, and Sydney based pop singer, Jess Kent, all performing full live sets!

Bringing the laughs will be up and coming comedian, Annie Louey, and our regular recap on ‘the week that was’ with Sami Shah – all brought to you by our host with the most, Henry Wagons! Plus, music news from!

Delivered Live’s livestreamed episodes are free to watch, however for those that can afford it, tickets are available for purchase and funds will be going back into the pockets of the artists and crew putting on the show helping to replace some of the live income they have lost. While we’re currently unable to have Victorian artists attend the studio, rather than replicating home streaming events, we have moved performances to our studio in Sydney with NSW acts so we can continue to deliver performances like you’re there in the band room. To ensure that the show continues to support Victorian artists and crew each week Victorian artists who were scheduled to play this season will be paid as if they were doing the show.

Livestreaming Saturday, 7:30pm AEST

What is Delivered Live?

It’s the new way to experience live music and comedy – right from the comfort of your own home. This will be a ‘normal’ gig – there will be a tour manager, road crew, an agent, a ticket seller, a front-of-house staff, venue manager, publicist, merch seller and, of course, the amazing artists. These gigs are then streamed live to Youtube, giving fans the virtual experience of being at the gig.

Fans virtually ‘attending’ the gig can voluntarily buy a ticket at a price level they are comfortable at, with these sales then going directly to the artist and crew. For the first time too, fans will get a look at how the artist and their team earn a living, with each show sharing who is getting what percentage of the total revenue. Don’t worry, you can still pick up a T-shirt from your new favourite act too with merch stores live throughout the broadcast.

So grab a drink, pull on your favourite band shirt and start streaming – Delivered Live is bringing back gigs.

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Wondered how we pull off an online live music festival whilst social distancing?